Corbie Classic Car Show

Jul 25, 2022 00:00

Once a month on the third Sunday, from May until October, the town of Corbie hosts a Classic car and vintage vehicle show. Free admission.

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Three Easy Day Trips Within One Hour of Le Macassar

Mar 28, 2022 23:05

Here are three suggested activities you can enjoy within an hour of Le Macassar: You can explore the ancient archeological park, Samara, in the Somme Valley. You can enjoy sightseeing, culture and fine dining in the vibrant city of Amiens. You can explore the Caves of Naours, one of the largest networks of underground tunnels in Northern France that could shelter a whole village and livestock from the time of the viking raids in 900 AD and the crusades until 1291.

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The Majorelle Room

Jan 28, 2022 02:33

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Pilgrimage to Sommes

Aug 14, 2021 17:51

sites of world war one battles in the Somme Valley, on the Western Front

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