La Maison Penet Champagne

Would you like a glass of champagne?

We love to be able to offer you, our guests, unusual and unexpected experiences, to make your stay extra special. So, when we found out about La Maison Penet champagne, we decided to check them out for ourselves.

Alexandre and Martine Penet, the current owners from a 400 year old family of champagne makers, take genuine pleasure in sharing their passion for their commitment to quality and sustainability. No pesticides, herbicides or insecticides are used in the cultivation of their grapes, all grown in two of the most prestigious and renowned Grand Cru villages of Champagne--Verzy and Verzenay.

At harvest time, the grapes are carefully hand-picked, and all their delicious, low-sugar champagnes are vegan and gluten-free. This means that even the most discerning can enjoy this unique experience.

And now these world-class champagnes from La Maison Penet are here for you, for your pleasure, at Le Macassar.

And exclusively during February, the month of love, we’re including a complimentary bottle for you to enjoy when you purchase dinner and a two night stay with us.

We know you’re going to love these champagnes as much as we do!

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