The Majorelle Room

Your candlelit dinner in The Majorelle, principal room at Le Macassar

One of the best things about restoring an old house is you get to experience the vestiges of life from a bygone era.

Staying with us at Le Macassar, in the heart of the Somme battlefields, you’ll see for yourself the
gold velvet brocade fabric that covers the walls, floor to ceiling, carefully conserved since the early 1900’s.

Finely crafted cabinets and a fireplace built by the famous furniture maker, Louis Majorelle, feature his early work with wood and metal.

The lighting fixtures in the room were designed in collaboration with Daum Frères. The private collection of art and glassware serve to enhance the original features to create an overall effect that you are stepping back in time.

So with your cocktail in hand, why not include an intimate dining experience in our Majorelle Lounge, and spoil yourself and the one you love.

This unique experience is available for all visits during February, the month of love.

We look forward to sharing the secrets of our home’s rich history through stories, photos and local information.

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Candlelit Dinner Experience


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